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Climate Fiction Anthology

Impact Goal

To document climate fiction narratives from South Asia.



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An anthology of contemporary Climate Fiction from South Asia & beyond. We focus on voices in contemporary Climate Fiction that are bold, unique and unafraid to ask the urgent questions. We aim to transcend West-specific narratives when it comes to climate change and how it adversely affects our lived experience in the form of a canonical collection of stories from the best thinkers, writers, dreamers, to come forth with their short stories, micro fiction and standalone novel excerpts that are deeply felt, and dare to engage with ideas around belonging, eco-anxiety, decolonisation climate conversations, post-capitalism alternate lifestyles, inclusive community spaces, mythmaking, bold economic choices, wildlife conservation, urban landscapes, green public spaces, collective consciousness or memory, sustainable travel, green weddings, bold experimental ideas. 

Shortlisted Writers


Vijayta Lalwani

Venkataraghavan Srinivasan

Sonal Sher

Rimi B. Chatterjee

Rhea Lopez

Prthvir Solanki

Maliha Khan

Kaihan Behramkamin

Ayushi Dubey

Ananya Pathak


With decolonisation and storytelling being the central axis around which we imagine an alternative future, Earthbound discovers, documents and deconstructs stories and narratives of present South Asia, and a South Asia of the future. The stories are tethered across various intersections; feminist narratives and the role a gender-equal society plays in a environmentally just future, native stories rooted in indigenous knowledge and fiction as the medium to explore alternate futures.

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