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Indian Type Story

Impact Goal

Bring focus to Indian font designers and their work in creating
a space for Indian languages in print, and on the web.



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The story of Indian language fonts, their lack, and an eventual movement led by Indian type designers to address this deep disparity. Why does font design matter? How does its unavailability limit access to essential services? What disadvantages do Indian fonts work with, in systems made for Latin scripts? A closer look at the history, access, and development of Indian type design through the eyes of designers who are set to put India on the map.


The Creator

Prachi sibal is a 35-year-old journalist based in Mumbai, India. They have spent the last 15 years working as a reporter and editor for newspapers and magazines, at Midday, The New Indian Express, and India Today, among others. They have written on many subjects including culture and performing arts, food and music, all the way to books and cinema. They are deeply interested in stories at the intersection of culture and technology, with a focus on the digital divide. They've lived, reported, and functioned as a cultural commentator across three cities; Chennai, Bengaluru, and Mumbai.


The 'Indian Type Story’ by Prachi Sibal focuses on telling the story of Indian Type in the digital age. This is a story about access and how Indian languages lagged in the world of digital fonts due to their complex structures, unavailability of technological tools and training and an inherent colonial hegemony.

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